3D printing Complex parts made easy


Your customized parts in a short time and in different materials. Prototypes, architectural and terrain models, spare parts, adapters. An infinite number of possibilities thanks to our 3D printing services.

3D printed terrain model

1. Design

Send us your designs or tell us what you need. We will work together to get a 3D prototype that meets your needs.

2. Optimization

In an iterative process we can work to improve the finish and functionality of the parts, choose the best printing method and decide which material to use in each case.

3. Printing

Once the previous steps have been completed, the printing method and the material to be used have been selected, the machines get down to work, creating the parts in the shortest possible time.

4. Presentation

The quality of the piece is as important as its presentation. If the aim is to serve as a demonstration to the public or potential customers, we can help you to improve the aesthetics of your product.

Resin printer


Different products, different procedures

Not all products are the same and not all of our customers’ requirements are the same. That’s why we have different 3D printing methods and different materials to suit every situation. We will advise you.

Filament or fused material deposition 3D printers (a technique known as FDM or FFM) allow us to produce large volumes and affordable prices, with a wide variety of colours and materials (plastics, elastic, carbon, metallised, etc.).

We have a wide range of materials (plastics, elastic, carbon, metallised, etc.).

Resin 3D printers (SLA) provide a much finer finish, with no separation or roughness between layers. The perceived quality of the part is of very high quality, ideal for ready-to-use products or usable prototypes. It allows us to work with different types of resins, including elastic, transparent, autoclavable (medical and dental applications) and even biocompatible materials (such as dental prostheses or surgical guides).

Ask us, no obligation

We study your case and prepare a quote tailored to your needs.

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